Sunday, October 6, 2013

Red Headed Step Sons of Anarchy

I'm going to catch up on this show soon. Once I do I will post a blog about what I thought of it. Maybe it'll change my life. Maybe I'll be a white supremacists after it's all said and done. I'm giving myself till Halloween to watch every episode. No cute boys and beards...lets get this over with. 

Saturday, September 29, 2012

Friday, September 28, 2012

My First Post on TV Show Hobo!

So I have decided to start a separate blog for all the tv shows I watch. The name is tentative... I'm not quite sure if hobo is offensive or if hobo really describes me. It just flowed pretty well. On to the shows!

Thursday night is always the best night in television because you have all weekend to catch up on the episodes you missed. Unless you are like me and just stay up till 3am watching everything in one night. The following is my review of tonight's television shows from Want to Watch to MUST Watch!

Few people had hope in this season since the loss of Steve Carell, BJ Novak and the adorable Mindy Kaling. Let's just say they were justified in their doubt. The only ray of sunshine I see this season is The New Dwight, Clark Duke. His scheme to seduce his boss' girlfriend was classic. The chore wheel, cutting off Nellie's hand, and Roy's Wedding (Title Namesake) were all failures. Come on writers. You used to be funny. Jim and Pam have to spice things up and I'd like to see more of the interns. We need something new to keep this show alive. I honestly can't see this show going another season especially with the whispers of the Dwight Spin-off. Oh lord, NBC, please don't let this happen.
edit: So apparently NBC is introducing this season as the farewell season. Sad day. 

The beginning of this show was my life. Sad, lonely, and seeing other's happiness flaunted in my face. The skit with the doll was what makes Louie such a good show. The lengths he goes to for that doll to be perfect for his daughter is hilarious. When he started melting crayons in a skillet I knew he was fucked. The lengths parents will go to for their children is astounding. Like Louie I also like to throw my Christmas Tree out of my window to mark the end of the Christmas season. On to New Years! Has Amy Poler always been his sister? Did I miss something? Holidays can be brutal especially when you see your friend die in front of you. Poor Louie. "Go ahead and put that gun in your body." Louie's trip to China, a result of him reading The Story About Ping to his daughter who says the Yangtze river must be a nice place to live, was shocking in that I think he actually filmed in China. If so, props to the show. So the magical Yangtze river he travels to see is a weak stream which like life is yet another let down. So Louie ends his New Years in China and seems pretty happy about it...I wouldn't be. 

This season is following one of the best for Parks and Rec and I think it can only go up from here. I'm really enjoying April and Ben being in Washington while the rest of the crew is in Pawnee. What exactly is Ben doing there I don't know but it makes for hot interns and Leslie talking about his ass and 29 inch waist. The soda tax was funny to me because I personally love soda and could swim in an ocean of it if things like that existed. Andy training to be a cop I could see actually happening and perhaps April should take up a career in cartoons? Her drawing of her father, Ben, was spot on.

I recently caught up on this show two days ago and it blew me away. Only seven episodes but almost everyone moved the story line and had a great mini mystery. So now it's the season 2 premiere. Did Olivia's hair get bigger or have all her secrets been revealed? The first lady is a bitch and now she's using her unborn child to be even bitchier. I actually am rooting for this presidential affair and I know I shouldn't but it's true love ladies and gents and you can't stop a love like that. The reveal of Quinn was lackluster. I wanted her to be famous hiding under Olivia's wing the whole time but no. Off with her head! I'd like to make a shout out to my boy Jimmy Kimmel who was on the show tonight. The reveal of Olivia providing Quinn with her new identity was shocking but I can't see the motivation behind it. I hope this season is good. It's hard to beat a presidential sex scandal but maybe they can spice it up.

FAAAAN GIRRRRLING! OMG So the reveal of Finn being at the door right after Rachel and Brody finally kissed and trampled over every heart of a Team Finchel member was too much to handle. Ok just had to get that out of the way. Let's start with McKinley High. Presidential election that I could care less about. Sam doesn't know what a debate is? Really? Also why aren't there any normal people running for this election. Must the Glee kids do it all for this school? I can already see the Sam and Britney ship coming and I want to send it back. Blane is president but now figures out he doesn't even want to be president or go to McKinley High for that matter. It must be so hard being you Blane Warbler. The Will story line is blah and that's about all I have to say about that. On to New York! Loved everything happening here. Kurt and his new job all came a little too easy but who cares?! He's rockin' it and really should pursue fashion instead of theater and Sarah Jessica Parker is just the girl to push him in the right direction. Kurt gives Rachel a makeover but did she really need it? She was looking pretty awesome this season. Brody and Rachel's music montage was too cute. A boy who likes to run around the park and take pictures with you. Do they make these in real life? I cannot wait till next week to see the break up bombs that will be happening all over the place. I didn't expect Rachel to be ending things with Finn so quickly but sooner the better so I can see some Brody action.

Honorable Mentions: Children's Hospital, The X Factor, Jimmy Kimmel Live, and SNL Election Special.